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5 Quick Tips for an Effective Virtual Learning Experience. Mar 14, 2016 Joachim Worf. Industry Insight People Remote learning. Learning. Digital Transformation is Everywhere – Industry to Help Close Digital Skills Gap. Feb 22, 2016 Joachim Worf. Academic Learning Skills Gap. Learning.

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Learning Subscriptions

A Learning Subscription provides access to learning content at a set fee for a pre-defined period of time. For example, EMC offers customer subscriptions that remain valid for either one or two years. The subscription holder receives 24/7 access to an ever-growing library of both digital training content as well as virtual and traditional open

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Dell Solar Learning Labs Dell Technologies US

The Solar Learning Lab is a standard shipping container that has been converted into a classroom, equipped with solar panels and user stations featuring workstations and network technology from Dell Technologies. With the addition of outside space and laptops, each lab can offer up to 20 people at a time a wireless connection to learning materials.

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