An Analysis of Learning Styles and Learning …

Learning strategies are steps taken by learners to improve their learning process. According to Oxford in Shi (2017), learning strategies as the often steps of behaviors used by language learners to enhance the acquisition, storage, retention, recall, and use of new information (p. 24). As also mentioned by Oxford (1990),

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Learning Styles: A Review of Validity and Usefulness

learning style families which will be mentioned later as „strong‟ versions (Sharp et al., 2008) After years of theoretical development, there is a plethora of learning styles identified in former research. Coffield et al. (2004) identified 71 different learning styles, and this does not claim to be an exhaustive survey.

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Theories of Learning and Teaching What Do They …

learning: that learning is a process of active construction; that learning is a social phenomenon, as well as an individ-ual experience; and that learner differences are resources, not obstacles. In addition, we discuss one critical idea about what counts as knowledge and what students should

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Learning, Unlearning, and Relearning

learning plan is a living document, a product, and a process. It describes what the student’s goals are for the next semester based on the fivelearning goals and questions that help to frame them. The learning goals provide disciplinary frames for how students think about learning (and how teachers think about guiding that learning).

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Learning Management System (LMS) Use with Online Instruction

Learning content management systems (LCMS) are a modern version of LMS (Watson & Watson, 2012). Both LCMS and LMS have different complementary applications, but as Watson and Watson (2012) declare, content is the term that separates an LMS from an LCMS (p. 36). An LCMS provides instructional

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Students’ learning style and its effect on blended

learning through observation, abstract conceptualization emphasizes learning through thinking and active experimentation focuses on learning by doing [26]. Learning styles in Kolb’s can be categorized as divergent, assimilator, convergent and accommodator which each learning style is a combination of two learning modes.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using e-Learning in

Electronic learning or e-learning is used to offer instructional programs to distant learners (Arkorful and Abaidoo, 2015). It is an online learning platform that emerges in a formal context and utilizes a variety of multimedia technologies. Electronic hardware and software support this system either offline or online. A

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The Efficiency of Online Learning Environment for

Online learning has gained an increasing attention from teaching staff and educational institutions as it has the potential to provide convenient and effective solutions for some of current educational issues. Online learning can extend learning opportunities by …

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Effects of Technology on Student Learning

School of Teaching and Learning, College of Education, Illinois State University, Normal, IL USA . [email protected] . ABSTRACT . The purpose of this study . was. to analyze the effects of technology on student learning. With the ever-changing world of technology, classrooms are gaining more technology and having to incorporate it into student

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Relationship between Self-Directed Learning (SDL) and

different learning techniques to evaluate learning outcomes (Knowles, 1975). In addition, SDL also enhances learning by adopting different learning strategies. It is a goal of Higher Education to develop self-efficacy and achievement among the students. Nadi (2011) stated that in SDL process, learning control transfers from teachers to the

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Understanding of learning styles and teaching strategies

learning, they attribute meaning to the process of learning, leading toeffective learning (Nzesei, ). Teachers need to understand the process of individual 2015. learning. In the learning processindividuals are interacting with the environment, , i.e., uniquely processing the information and requiring a unique environment for learning.

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The Effect of Flexible Learning Schedule on Online

learning and .96 for the learning application scale respectively. Basic descriptive statistics was used to analyze the degree of learning, application of learning, and instructional quality perceived by the students. Paired t-test was used to compare population mean scores for the learning increase before and after the course between groups.

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Online Learning in Nursing Education during the COVID-19

learning on the students’ academic performance is critical to evaluate the curricular changes (Amir et al., 2020). In addition, knowing the students’ satisfaction with the online learning environment is necessary to pinpoint the strengths, assess the instruction quality, and identify the improvement areas.

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English Learning Strategies among EFL Learners: A

think without learning strategies, learning will become a passive process. (Teacher 7-F) I think to be good learners; it is a must to have the right learning strategies. (Teacher 10-F) Coinciding with the overall positive attitude of the teacher participants towards LLSs, most

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Pros and Cons of Learning Style: an Implication for

Learning style becomes a familiar theory for English language teachers. With a hypothesis of matching instructions and learning styles resulting in effective learning, many of the English language teachers apply learning style theory within their teaching practices. However, recent studies found that learning style is a

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Emotional Presence, Learning, and the Online Learning

online learning by Garrison, Anderson, and Archer (2000), who identify emotional expres-sion as part of being socially present online. This model explicating teaching practice and student learning online is the community of inquiry (CoI) framework developed by Garrison, Anderson, and Archer (2000). This model

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Students’ Attitudes Towards Learning, A Study on Their

the dynamics that influence learning attitudes of students can be obtained. Accordingly, the study has revealed whether students’ attitudes towards learning, academic achievements form differences in their use other than computer learning. The main purpose of the study is to investigate whether there is a relationship between students'

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learning environment (ii), male students of Online Learning Environment and F2F learning environment. In all 40 students were studied as sample, representing the tenth grade population of Aurangabad city. Tools and Techniques A teacher made achievement test is used to study achievement of students in Physics of grade 10th.

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Learning from the problems and challenges in blended

learning as difficult to execute in classroom environment dueto the absence of institutional policies on the use of blended learning, lack of ICT training/knowledge (e.g., technophobia), poor confidence to engage in blended learning approach, and limited access to computer laboratories. Hence, these were

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Exploring EFL Students’ Perception of Online Learning via

learning, the teachers need to take extension time to assess students from the beginning (Bakerson et al., 2015). Another cause of failure in online learning environments is the lack of an arranged schedule, repeatedly studying, disciplined as …

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Promoting Students‟ Autonomy through Online Learning …

the English as Foreign language learning, the learners are able to control and direct themselves to learn English without being forced or directed by someone else, though there is still guidance which is situated inside the textbook, institution learning objectives, syllabus, and many other manuals to achieve success in language learning (Smith,

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learning that many institutions of higher learning aren't or cannot currently offer. Globally, corporate universities are popular choices for teaching skills to employees which is necessary to succeed in business and move up within organizations by improving their business and leadership

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Foundations of Game-Based Learning

learning, science, history, etc.) but also genres of games (casual game, first-person shooter, massively multiplayer online game [MMO], role-playing, etc.). Of course, each of the preceding genres crosses and links with the others. A consequence of the fact that the concept of …

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Internet Connection and Learning Device Availability of

learning management systems, a study showed negative results (Serhan, 2020). With these ideas and information, internet connection is both an issue and challenge not only for the students but also for teachers and the institution. Another related matter in this study is the availability of learning tools or devices that is equally important.

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A Comparative Analysis of Students Perceptions of Learning

learning just as much in an online course, MIS majors disagreed much more than expected. On this same question, the engineering and science majors were at the other extreme, with a larger number agreeing that learning was the same in both types of classes. Accounting majors generally disagreed that learning is the same in online

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On the Application of Cooperative Learning in College

Cooperative learning is a kind of teaching theory and strategy system based on group. The theory of cooperative learning has been applied in college English teaching and has proved to be fruitful and beneficial. Cooperative learning as a breakthrough and complement against traditional classroom instruction is an efficient teaching

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Inquiry Method in the Teaching and Learning Process

and Learning based on the inquiry method is an approach that helps students build their knowledge and understanding through research and exploration activities based on existing knowledge. The inquiry method requires higher-order thinking skills and critical thinking to …

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The Effect of Online Learning Attitudes of University

Online learning, which has become an interesting and popular type of learning in the educational environment (Pillay, Irving and Tones, 2007) is a learning process in which students realize learning far from the sources by

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Learner Identity and Learners’ Investment in EFL Learning

learning, whereas those who construct a negative identity may exert less effort in their EFL learning. Given the reciprocal relationship between identity and investment, Murray and Kojima (2007) explored how a Japanese female adult student learned a foreign language in an out-of-class setting and how the language learning experiences affected

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Online Learning for Rural Students

learning and work. Congress recognized this need when it made devices and software, not just broadband, an eligible use of education funding under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES). This funding was a helpful start. But given schools’ many

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Learner Readiness Why and How Should They Be Ready

learning objectives and plan the learning experiences just beyond the skill level of each student. Learners are more likely to be actively engaged in the learning, rise to the challenge, and build up a sense of self-confidence as they approach the target tasks if they feel that they have a …

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Spaced Repetition: towards more effective learning in STEM

repetitive practice duringthe learning phase of a course to advantage their long term retention of material. Introduction The benefit of spaced repetition on learning has been recognised for over a century, with Ebbinghaus (1885) making the first systematic investigation of memory, developing a ‘forgetting curve’. This shows exponential

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Blended Learning: An Innovative Approach

Blended learning can be explained by following figure: Universal Journal of Educational Research 5(1): 129-136, 2017 131 . Blended learning is the concept that includes framing teaching learning process that incorporates both face to face teaching and teaching supported by ICT. Blended learning

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Blended Learning for ELT

learning as “a learning program where more than one delivery mode is being used with the objective of optimizing the learning outcome and cost of program delivery” According to Reay (2001), blended learning is a blend of online and face-to-face instruction. For Neumeier (2005) it is a combination of face-to-face (F2F) and

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Problem Based Learning: A Student-Centered Approach

Keywords: problem based learning, curriculum, collaborative learning, team work, approach, method 1. Introduction Problem based learning is a student-centered educational method which aims to develop problem - solving skills through a self- directed learning as a life time habit and team work skills. Untidy, messy, ill structured situations

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Face-to-Face vs On-line: An analysis of Profile, Learning

learning objectives and technical content. The same instructors taught both methods. However, teaching methodology was slightly different. Face-to-face students participated on classroom lessons while on -line students took lessons through live streaming. Additionally, a virtual learning environment was used to support both face-to-face

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Collaborative Experiential Learning Process for Enhancing

substantial learning experience (Kolb, 2014). Experiential learning is a fundamental process that provides opportunities for students to actively engage in acquiring skills and knowledge (Honey & Mumford, 1992). Experiential learning is not a new classroom concept but is a process of learning through experience, which is

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Online and Blended Learning

Online and Blended Learning: A Survey of Policy and Practice of K-12 Schools Around the World TOLL-FREE 888.95.NACOL (888.956.2265) DIRECT 703.752.6216 FAx 703.752.6201 EmAIL [email protected] wEb mAIL 1934 Old Gallows Road, Suite 350 Vienna, VA 22182-4040 Written by: Michael Barbour, Wayne State University

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Reflection in Learning

Online Learning Journal – Volume 23 Issue 1 – March 2019 5 96 Review of Related Literature Scholars have widely discussed reflection and categorized reflection from different angles. Roskos, Vukelich, and Risko (2001) summarized the types of reflection discussed by scholars based on its function, structure, and timeline.

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Using Blended Project-Based Learning for Students

Blended learning, on the other hand, entails learning both online and in a physical venue. To have a more effective learning envi-ronment for pupils, mixed learning classrooms use both online and conventional teaching approaches. Online learning elements, such as instructional videos, apps, online learning

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The Influence of Teaching Methods and Learning Environment

learning environment and teacher’s teaching methods is a very important aspect in determining the success of learning process to student‘s learning achievement. Results of research that was carried out by Wahyuni (2007) shows that the learning motivation effects positive to student’s achievement. Low or high

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The role of teacher's authority in students' learning

learning. It implies that as the teachers' authority level increases, the students learning ranks in higher level in the studied society. Key words: teacher's authority, authority resources, learning Introduction Classroom is a preliminary stage for educational activities and it is a position for preparing people for living in a changing world.

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Business Model of Learning Platforms in Sharing Economy

learning platforms (Brugnoni, Polzonetti and Sagratella, 2016). Additionally, if knowledge is the key driver of modern economy, it is important to analyze how global education can be supported by a collaborative consumption model based on an online learning concept, shared resources and shared knowledge access (Cooke, 2001).

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Learning from errors: A model of individual processes

1. Learning from errors: A specific learning phenomenon In order to facilitate learning—the development of knowledge, metacognitive skills and autonomy— learners should be challenged with tasks that refer to skills and knowledge just beyond …

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