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Learning the hard way

Learning the Hard Way . The obvious move to cut down on this danger is for the IDF to reoccupy unilaterally some of the areas in the northern Gaza Strip that were so foolishly abandoned unilaterally last August. Moshe Arens. Jun. 22, 2006. Get …

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Learning the truth about the Tooth Fairy, occupation and …

Strawberry or watermelon.”. Her disappointment over discovering the truth about the Tooth Fairy had morphed into excitement over the possibility of ordering the presents she wanted directly from me. “Forat, your tooth is not allowed to fall out tonight,” I said. “The shops are closed.”. “OK,” she said, and then, abruptly, she

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Inspire, Learn, Build

The second strand, Learn, is about learning the entrepreneurial way of thinking and the skills that go with it, through frontal, digital and online teaching, videos, questionnaires, discussion forums and sharing-boards. The Center does so via academic courses which grant credits, extra-curricular professional courses, and a professional blog.

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Does Studying the Talmud Make You Smarter

A month ago, the Central Bureau of Statistics published the results of a huge study, conducted in cooperation with the OECD, which examined the skills of adults in Israel in 2014 and 2015. The results, all 200 pages of them, are fascinating in several aspects, not least the data comparing the skills of Haredi adults to non-Haredim in Israel.

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'I can learn Hebrew, but I can’t learn Israeli chutzpah.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, I built a project of digital learning for the largest group of private schools in France. Thanks to the coronavirus, everything went very fast, much more so than I expected. Then, in three days in March 2020 we had needed to turn everything over, to make it all different. We didn’t sleep. And it worked.

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Ukraine is not the Holocaust. But we can still learn lessons …

Opinion |. Ukraine Is Not the Holocaust. But We Can Still Learn Lessons From History. Listening to Ukraine’s valiant president, I think of Mordechai Anielewicz, who led the Warsaw Ghetto uprising: Like Zelenskyy, he pleaded for help and stood ready to die for and with his people. But the parallels end there. Menachem Z. Rosensaft. Mar. 30, 2022.

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‘You’re either naive, stupid or a con man’: The firm using …

2 days ago · Voloch’s grandfather had just died of cancer. His passing first inspired Solomon and Voloch to use AI, specifically so-called machine learning, to try to improve the predictions of effectiveness for cancer treatments by studying the immune system. “We managed to improve the prediction by quite a few percent points,” said Solomon.

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'Developing a New Drug Is Stumbling in the Dark Without …

9 hours ago · Solomon founded Immunai with Luis Voloch in 2018. Within four years the company raised $295 and reached a valuation of $1.2 billion. Immunai works on mapping the body’s immune system and understanding the different interconnections within it – using AI with the goal of producing insights and data that will speed up the process of drug development and make it …

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Buffalo Mass Shooter Was Motivated by Antisemitic …

May. 15, 2022. The man charged with killing 10 people at a Buffalo, New York, supermarket Saturday allegedly was motivated by a conspiracy theory that has spurred recent deadly attacks on Jews, among others. An online manifesto attributed to Payton Gendron, 18, explains that the attack was spurred by the theory that a tide of immigrants is

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Learning from the Mafia

Learning From the Mafia Israel is not a mafia; it's legitimate, and the Mafia isn't. Still, it's worth taking even a quick look at the history of the crime families in America, at the movies about the Mafia and at classic mafioso behavior, if only as an intellectual exercise.

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Israel's School Year Begins: What Happens When a Kid Tests …

Thus, starting October 1, only students who have received at least two doses of the vaccine will be considered vaccinated for the purposes of in-person learning. In addition, students who have recovered from COVID-19 or have developed antibodies to the virus will also be counted for the 70-percent threshold for in-person learning.

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How Israel’s Education Minister Became a Hero to the Country's …

At the end of a dramatic coalition-building process in May, she was able to fulfill that dream, entering the Education Ministry with an ambitious agenda. This included introducing a shortened school week, reduced emphasis on exams, new programs preparing students for a high-tech future and a new focus on social and emotional learning.

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Israel's Chief Rabbi Shrugs Off Math, Science Studies as 'Nonsense'

Jun. 30, 2021. Chief Sephardic Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef called on ultra-Orthodox youth to shun secular education this week, declaring that the Education Ministry’s core curriculum of math, science, English and other key subjects was “nonsense” and bragging that he never graduated from high school. Yosef’s remarks were delivered during a

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When progress is weaponized

Since then, the Western world has made considerable strides in learning the lessons of history and developing defense mechanisms to cope with the dangers of nationalism, racism, ethnocentrism, incitement, demagogic populism and the subversion of the foundations of the open society. Despite the crises of liberal democracy in our time and the

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Education Ministry leaves principals to contend with COVID-19 …

This includes learning in open spaces within and close to schools, and in community centers, museums and other venues. Instead of proposing a routine that is disconnected to anything meaningful, it would be better to invest in social and emotional aid, which is more important than one more history chapter or math lesson.

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Israel Gambles on Success of COVID Booster Campaign as Schools …

Aug. 31, 2021. Schools across the country are set to reopen Wednesday, with Israel gambling that its COVID booster campaign will be enough to offset increased infection rates caused by the return of millions of students to classrooms. With booster shots now available to anyone aged 12 and over, the number of people receiving their third shot on

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I'm a Holocaust Historian and I'm Taking Up Arms to Defend Ukraine

And facing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Putin's attack on my home, I’m learning what patriotism really means. Artem Kharchenko. Feb. 27, 2022. Get email notification for articles from Artem Kharchenko Follow. Feb. 27, 2022. Share in Twitter. Share in Facebook. Save Save article to reading list.

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Israel's Supreme Court had 74 interns in the past two years. Only …

1 day ago · Data published by Haaretz in June 2015 showed that the identity components of the average Supreme Court intern from 2007-2014 were: Jewish, graduate of Tel Aviv University or the Hebrew University, living in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem.The updated data, submitted at Haaretz’s request by the freedom of information administrator at the Courts Administration, regarding …

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The new battle in the Israeli right's relentless war on Palestinians

15 hours ago · The geopolitical designations A, B and C are, well, the ABCs of the post-Oslo era in the West Bank. According to the 1995 Oslo II agreement, Area A is governed by Palestinian civil and security control – fragments on the map totaling about 18 percent of the West Bank, where the large Palestinian cities and the bulk of the population are located.. Area B falls …

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One week to start of school year: Israel at a loss over COVID

After the coronavirus cabinet decided Sunday that the new school year will begin September 1, as usual, several troubling questions remained. They concern the thousands of teachers who are unvaccinated; students’ right to an education, regardless of their vaccine status; the study format in secondary schools; the responsibilities and the authorities of the principals.

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Welcome to the coronavirus-proof classroom: Israel’s first virtual

Remote learning faces problems everywhere it is implemented, for example a higher dropout rate than at regular schools. The program hopes to minimize dropping out through the mentors. Another problem involves parents’ fears of impairing their children’s social lives and social skills. The model posited by Cohen and Tur-Paz proposes grouping

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Biden's Antisemitism Envoy Nominee Has Confirmation Hearing …

Feb. 8, 2022. WASHINGTON – Deborah Lipstadt appeared before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Tuesday for her confirmation hearing, six months after the Biden administration nominated her to serve as special envoy to monitor and combat antisemitism. Republicans on the committee had delayed Lipstadt's hearing due to past tweets

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Beautiful Inside and Out, 'Inclusive' Tel Aviv School Is What 21st

Learning takes place in groups and all the spaces in the building are learning areas,” explains the principal, Ravit Levy. “We learn at learning stations, some of which are compulsory and some optional. As far as I’m concerned all the pupils have special needs and we have to adapt ourselves. A learning station can be anywhere – in

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First day of school sees 2 million students return as

Fifth and 6th graders will be physically in school, as opposed to at-home instruction through distance learning, at least twice a week in small groups. Many local governments are making efforts to increase the number of days 5th and 6th graders spend in school by using of other public buildings, such as community centers – but the Israel

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Israeli Universities Open Academic Year With COVID Restrictions, …

The Technion in Haifa has decided to restrict distance learning to 15 percent of courses. The Technion said the decision “expresses the importance we all see in meeting, discussion, active learning in class, dialogue between the faculty and the students and active participation in academic and social life on campus.”

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Nakba Day Rally in Southern Israeli Draws Mayor's Ire

1 day ago · May. 23, 2022 6:15 PM. Dozens of students took part in a Nakba Day rally in a Be'er Sheva university on Monday. The southern city's mayor expressed his anger with the fact that some of the participants waved Palestinian flags. Be'er Sheva mayor said he was "shamed and shocked" at the sight of "Palestinian flags being proudly waved after the

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Milk, sweat and tears: This Israeli couple revamped an aging …

After learning the art of cheesemaking in Italy for two years, Tamir Peretz and Dana Tal opened a small dairy near Hadera. Their aged cheeses soon started flying off the shelves. Share in Twitter. Share in Facebook. Save Save article to reading list. Send in e-mail Send in e-mail. Share in Facebook.

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Trigger warning: This is what could spark the next Israeli …

But given recent history, Gaza is the obvious arena to look for the next war, after four previous rounds since late 2008. With Hamas governing a high-density, youth-heavy territory of soaring unemployment under siege-like Israeli control since 2007, the conditions of life are untenable.Even Israel has sought to improve the economic situation recently, by increasing …

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Tiberias hospital staff learns Arabic to better communicate

Maternity nurse says command of Arabic became more urgent after hospital opened center for victims of sexual assault, many of which are Arab women.

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Refugee Children Caught Between Israeli Education Centers and …

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began four weeks ago, some 300 new immigrants have arrived in Be’er Sheva, including 90 children, whom the Immigration Ministry are housing in hotels. Other refugees – those who have come to Israel on a tourist visa – have also arrived in Be’er Sheva, but it’s not known exactly how many there are.

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Learning to Feel Bad About Themselves

Learning to Feel Bad About Themselves . Ofri Ilany. Apr. 16, 2007. Get email notification for articles from Ofri Ilany Follow. Apr. 16, 2007. Share in Twitter. Share in Facebook. Save Save article to reading list. Send in e-mail Send in e-mail. Share in Facebook. Share in Twitter. Send in e-mail Send in e-mail.

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Israeli Schools Put on a Brave Face Amid COVID Surge

Learning by Zoom isn’t optimal, to say the least,” she wrote. Over the past two years, she continued, the school has noticed serious problems “stemming from the prolonged stays at home – children who suffer from depression and anxiety, a rise in the number of children at risk of suicide, a rise in the number of students dealing with

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How Young Is Too Young to Teach My Child About the Holocaust

She recommends Holocaust education “readiness” for children, before they begin learning the actual history, at around age 10 in the fifth grade. “One of the most disturbing aspects of Holocaust education in Jewish homes and day schools is the insistence that children are never too young to learn about it,” Shawn wrote in an email.

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The New 'Torah Values' Congressional Caucus Is Not What It Seems

The announcement of the "Congressional Caucus for the Advancement of Torah Values" was met by confusion and some ridicule last week. Announced by its co-chairs, Republican Rep. Don Bacon of Nebraska and Democrat Rep. Henry Cuellar of Texas, the new caucus promises an across-the-aisles approach to "combatting anti-Israel bigotry and …

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Israel's Remote Schooling Baffles Teachers, Parents

But, as Or says, the whole remote learning paradigm isn’t really appropriate for younger children, because there are technical problems and because many young pupils (“fortunately,” she says) still don’t have smartphones. Meanwhile, parental frustration, notes Or, is being let out on the teachers. “This was a brilliant move by the

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