UKG Pro Learning

Ultimate Kronos Group’s UKG Pro Learning mobile app provides instant and secure access to your organization’s training academy right at your fingertips. You have the power to learn at your own pace, picking up where you left off whenever and wherever you want. Users can review and complete assigned courses, browse on-demand courses, and

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eLearning FOR YOU

eLearning FOR YOU. CPL Online Business. Everyone 10+. 313. Add to Wishlist. The eLearning FOR YOU Console makes it easy to access everything to do with your training. Bookshelf resources and much more including Social …

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Cornerstone Learn

Cornerstone Learn. The Cornerstone Learn app delivers powerful learning straight to your mobile device and helps you work smarter in your Cornerstone OnDemand portal. Cornerstone Learn lets you complete your required learning, browse courses, and discover new content based on your interests, job role and career.

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Dayforce Learning

Dayforce Learning. Dayforce Learning puts you in the driver’s seat with an engaging, intuitive mobile experience to take courses, participate in learning activities and reach milestones all from your mobile device. With Dayforce Learning, you can consume content on and offline to learn when it's convenient for you.

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Great Learning- Online Courses

The. Great Learning’s Online Learning App makes you become proficient in the desired technology and enables you to be job ready. This app offers 1000+ hours of learning content which fetches you to enhance your understanding on several concepts and become proficient in the most in demand tools such as Python, R, Tableau and more.

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Educational games for kids 2-4

These colorful and animated games will assist your child in developing these essential basic skills: fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, logical thinking, and visual perception. Enjoy the game's fun and engaging graphics, cool music, and sounds while also learning the essentials.

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LinkedIn Learning: Online Courses to Learn Skills

Sharpen your skills and get the most out of your LinkedIn Learning membership with the app: - Access 16,000+ courses in business, tech and creative with more added each month. - Get personalized course recommendations. - Download courses for offline viewing. - Explore curated courses for a guided learning experience.

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HOMER Learn & Grow

A learning journey personalized to your child’s age, learning level, and unique interests. Thousands of interactive lessons, games, stories, and songs that keep your child learning and engaged. Playful learning activities across subjects like reading, math, social-emotional learning, creativity, thinking skills, and more.

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中原 i-Learning

The most practical English learning APP - Super Word King - Learn English easily in the game! GraspJPN - Learn Hiragana, Katakana and JLPT words. TinyLin. Fast and easy way to learn Japanese. Ling Learn Cantonese Language. Simya Solutions Ltd. Loved by over 5 million language learners all over the world.

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Kumon Audio Learning

Kumon Audio Learning. KUMON CHINA COMPANY LIMITED Education. Everyone. Add to Wishlist. KUMON AUDIO LEARNING - Anytime, anywhere! This application is designed especially for KUMON Students. Apart from using traditional CD for KUMON audio learning at home, student may use this application for KUMON audio learning anytime, …

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eLearning UOradea

The eLearning platform of the University of Oradea is a dynamic and collaborative learning space. User account - authentication using the Office 365 account. Interaction and collaboration - online communication and collaboration tools. Online courses - access to content, courses, learning materials and assessment tests.

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Toddler Games Free for 2 Year Olds & 3 Year Olds

This free app has numbers 11 to 20 covered too! A toddler NO ADS game, Preschool Bus Driver delivers fun pre k learning games to toddlers, big babies and infants, preschool kids, and kindergarten kids. Parents looking for the best toddler games, letters numbers, baby apps or preschool learning games for little kids need not look any further!

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Think and Learn Premium App

With 50 million registered users, Think and Learn Premium App offers comprehensive learning programs in Math and Science for students between classes 4th-12th. It also has test prep courses for competitive exams like JEE, NEET and IAS. The app has classes from India’s best teachers. The 1000+ R&D team has developed the complete app in-house

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Ace Early Learning

Welcome to Ace Early Learning, an online English learning application designed for children aged 3-8. By adopting the world-renowned language standard, CEFR, and a gamified learning approach, we provide a platform where kids can watch cartoons, listen to stories, play games and even more to help them master English skills and so much more. Our

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Anywhere Teacher

Anywhere Teacher—Where Learning Happens! Give your child an award-winning online learning system that makes mastering math, reading, and writing fun! Created by School Zone and designed by teachers to align to national curriculum standards, it has over 2,500 guided and self-directed activities.

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BYJU'S – The Learning App

Welcome to BYJU’S - The Learning App, India’s largest online learning program & every student’s favourite learning companion! This is one of the world’s best study apps for classes 4-10. With the perfect blend of engaging video lessons & personalised learning, this padhne wala app has been designed to help students practise, learn

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