Three key emerging themes are impacting labor markets around the world: 1) learning is a core requirement to secure talent for growth; 2) wage inflation in mature markets can be hedged by accessing new markets; and 3) contingent labor is becoming an essential sourcing strategy.

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Workforce Analytics Talent Solutions

Our unique blend of data mining, analytics, machine learning and industry trends provide transparent analytics and comparative benchmarks that accelerate an effective workforce strategy beyond what’s possible with traditional reporting.

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Brand Detectives

engaged in learning about an employer’s brand or employer value proposition (EVP). One in five global candidates is brand-driven—meaning a company’s brand is one of the top three motivators for their career decisions. Global Average China eico nited tates stralia nited indo Candidates Who Believe an Employer’s Brand

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resistance learning new things • Lack of ˜uency in a second language (particularly English in Mexico and Latin American countries) Younger aniates Short-sighted employers may hire younger workers due to: • Fewer ˚nancial and familial responsibilities • Lower pay in exchange for their ˚rst foothold in the job market

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Candidate Technology Preferences

Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, and predictive analytics can help identify qualified candidates and ensure workplace success. Incorporate human interaction Technology is the conduit, but delivering a personalized and tailored message is still key. In an era of growing talent shortages, understanding who candidates are, how to

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Careers Talent Solutions

Never Stop Learning. ManpowerGroup champions ‘Learnability’ – the desire to learn and upskill in order to keep up with the rapidly changing world around us. Beginning with our industry-leading app to help you learn the ropes before you start, we’ll equip you with everything you need to keep your skills sharp and your knowledge relevant.

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How We Want To Work

and continuous learning underlie how candidates want to work. Employers should factor how people want to work into their workforce planning if they expect to recruit and retain top talent. NextGen Work (see callout box to the right for definition) is a choice, not a last resort, for candidates around the globe.

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